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Service Line Inventory

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed into law a package of bills in July of 2021 aimed at protecting New Jersey’s residents from lead poisoning. The new laws require all community water systems in the state to inventory and ensure any lead, galvanized and brass water lines are replaced within 10 years.

Forest Lakes Water Company’s water mains do not contain lead, and the water service lines running from the water mains to your home are not expected to be made of lead. However, under the law, the Forest Lakes Water Company is required to verify the service line materials, and any lead service lines identified will need to be replaced within the stated 10-year period. Galvanized pipes and brass lines will also need to be replaced during the same time frame. Galvanized pipes can attract lead particles and brass pipes contain lead.

Forest Lakes Water Company has initiated preparation of the service line inventory.

Service Line Inventory

Please review the inventory data to see if the material of your home’s water service line has been identified. If the material is reported as unknown (UX), please follow these directions to IDENTIFY YOUR HOME’S WATER SERVICE LINE MATERIAL:
Service Line Material Identification 

Please use the following link to complete the SERVICE LINE MATERIAL IDENTIFICATION SURVEY:
FLWC Service Line Material Identification Survey